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Czech artist Robert Fűrbacher from Trutnov studied clasical Dutch painting in Free Art Academy of Rotterdam (the Netherlands). He was attracted to the art in its whole spectrum and from original paintings of landscapes he gradually turned to graphics, impressionism, pop art.........Even though he has tried various styles, there has always been recognizable line of his personal touch.

In the middle of 90s he moved to abstract works which he has been painting up to now. In his studio come into existence unique paintings full of mysticism and magic. Space and depth of the pictures are created by applying many layers of different transparent colours. Brightness and game of light are achieved by combination technique which consists of combining acrylic and oil paints with adding some natural materials. In the waves of paint you can find pieces of textile, shells, little stones, beetles, pieces of gold........memories of places and moments, personal reminders. The paintings touch you inside. Sometimes a French poet sends a poem inspired by one of the paintings he saw on the internet, sometimes visitors to an exhibition or an interior with Robert´s works stay quiet for a long time observing the paintings and taking in the atmosphere. They say that „ the painting irradiate pleasant warmth and harmony.“ Transformation of feelings of harmony is one of the painter´s main goals. „The abstract art can´t be understood by just intellect. It is a pure question of feelings. I transform my feelings into the canvas and I give them shape and colour........“

Until 2008 Robert Fűrbacher lived, created and exhibited mostly in the Netherlands, where he took part in more than sixty exhibitions. In 2008 he came back to the Czech Republic and here he goes on painting and creating. His technique has been evolving with experince and humbleness in front of the art and this led to painting more pictures of unique beaty and to participation in more than twenty exhibitions in the whole country (twice he´s had an individual exhibition in the museum of Trutnov).


On his web pages you can find all the information about his exhibitions and samples of his extensive work.


                              tel: +420 722 773 516


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